Monday, May 12, 2014

Matt Daniel's "The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop"

a) The addition of this post means that I now have TWO Snoop Dogg blogg labels for this blog.
b) Daniels' graph allows students to see archival data (and research decisions used when deciding how to analyze the archival data as well as content analysis) in order to determine which rapper has the largest vocabulary.

Here is Matthew Daniels interactive chart detailing the vocabularies of numerous, prominent rappers.

Daniels sampled each musician's first 35,000 lyrics for the number of unique words present. He went with 35,000 in order to compare more established artists to more recent artists who have published fewer songs. (The appropriateness of this decision could be a source of debate in a research methods class.) Additionally, derivatives of the same word are counted uniquely (pimps, pimp, pimping, and pimpin count as four words). This decision was guided, from what I can gather, by the time of content analysis performed.

Property of Matthew Daniels...note: The original graph, available at his website, is interactive. For example, you can compare West Coast v. East Coast OR just look at the various members of Wu-Tang Clan. WU-TANG!