Monday, December 7, 2015

Free, statsy resources available from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology

If you haven't already, please consider joining Teaching of Psychology (Division 2 of APA). Your membership fees help fund plenty of great initiatives, including:

Teaching Statistics and Research Methods: Tips from TOP by Jackson & Grigs

This free e-book is a compilation of scholarship of teaching publications.

Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology's (OTRP) Teaching Resources

This page is divided by topical area in psychology (including Statistics) and includes instructional resources for every topic. Most of the material was created as part of OTRP's Instructional Resource Reward. Among the useful resources are a free booklet containing statistics exercises in both SPSS and R as well as an intense primer on factorial research design.

UPDATE (2/24/16): This new resource provides a number of hands-on activities to demonstrate/generate data for all of the concepts typically taught in intro statistics.  

Project Syllabus 

Project Syllabus is a collection of, in deed, syllabi for a wide variety of different psychology classes. They are sorted by general topic but under each topic, can contain a variety of different classes. Under the "Statistics", a wide variety of syllabi are available, for everything from Intro. to more advanced classes (like Multivariate).

Facebook page for Society for the Teaching of Psychology

This is the friendliest, most helpful Facebook page you will ever come across. Folks post questions about teaching, requests for ideas for activities, syllabi, text book recommendations, etc. Typically, they are quickly flooded with responses from their peers in the trenches.