Monday, February 1, 2016

Dr. Mages' "APA Exposed: Everything you wanted to know about APA formatting but were afraid to ask."

Teaching undergraduates APA style is not fun. It is not fun for teachers. It is not fun for students. However, I think that the more tools that we, the teachers, have in order to convey the rules of APA style, the more likely we are to find something that finally sticks for our students. This week, I offer one such tool created by Dr. Wendy K. Mages. Dr. Mages created an online, self-paced, free Powerpoint presentation that teaches the essentials of APA style.

Lessons are presented in a PowerPoint-esque format with a voice-over (as well as a transcript)

I like that Dr. Mages includes some of her own experiences grading students papers in order to keep current students from making frequent mistakes that Dr. Mages has encountered. She also offers plenty of original examples and uses appropriate Powerpoint animations/highlighting to engage the viewer.