Monday, November 7, 2016

Collin's "America’s most prolific wall punchers, charted"

Collin gleaned some archival data about ER visits in America from US Consumer Product Safety commission. For each ER visit, there is a brief description of the reason for the visit. Collin queried punching related injuries. See his Method section below describes how he set the parameters for his operationalized variable. With a bit of explaining, you could also describe how Collin took qualitative data (the written description of the injury) and converted it into quantitative data:

Then he made some charts.

The age of wall punchers is right skewed. And probably could be used in a Developmental Psychology class to illustrate poor judgement in adolescents as well as the emergence of the prefrontal cortext/executive thinking skills in one's early 20s.
The author looked at wall punching by month of the year and uncovered a fairly uniform distribution.

 How to use in class:
-Taking qualitative data and coding it (here, turning "ER Visit" into "Wall Punch: Yes or No"
-Uniform Distributions
-Method section
-Archival data
-Criteria for operationlizing a variable when coding data