Monday, December 19, 2016

Kevin McIntyre's Open Stats Lab

Dr. Kevin McIntryre from Trinity University has created the Open Stats Lab. OSL provides users with research articles, data sets, and worksheets for studies that illustrate statistical tests commonly taught in Introduction to Statistics.

Topics covered, illustrated beautifully by Natalie Perez

All of his examples come from Open Science Framework-compliant publications from Psychological Science. McIntyre presents the OSF data (in SPSS but .CSV files are available), the original research article, AND a worksheet to go along with each article.

Layout for each article/data set/activity. This article demonstrates one-way ANOVA.

I know, right? I think it can be difficult to find 1) research an UG can follow that 2) contains simple data analyses. And here, McIntryre presents it all. This project was funded by a grant from APS.