Monday, April 10, 2017

Reddit's data_irl subreddit

You guys, there is a new subreddit just for sharing silly stats memes. It is called r/data_irl/.

The origin story is pretty amusing.

I have blogged about the subreddit r/dataisbeautiful previously. The point of this sub is to share useful and interesting data visualizations. The sub has a hard and fast rule about only posting original content or well-cited, serious content. It is a great sub.

But it leaves something to be desired. That something is my deep desire to see stats jokes and memes.

On April Fool's Day this year, they got rid of their strict posting rules for a day and the dataisbeautiful crowd provided lots of hilarious stats jokes, like these two I posted on Twitter:

The response was so strong, because there are so many of people that love stats memes, that a new sub was started, data_irl JUST TO SHARE SILL STATS GRAPHICS. It feels like coming home to my people.