Monday, September 9, 2013

r/skeptic's "I was practicing GraphPad and I think I may have discovered the 'real' cause of autism..."

NOTE: I'm not entirely certain about the origin of this graph, so I apologize if my citation isn't correct. The earliest version I could find was on imgur from user r/skeptic (yes, associated with the Skeptic subreddit).


I think the illustration above  is a good way of a) demonstrating that correlation does not equal causation and b) sticking it to anti-vaxers who use a lot of correlational data (see below) to back up their theories about why rates of Autism have been increasing.


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  1. Copper sulfate and rotenone are two of the primary organic pesticides used. Copper poisoning combined with zinc deficiency has been found to be a biomarker for autism.
    Rotenone causes Parkinson's like symptoms in rats.
    The one thing that throws off the theory is the lack of correlation between autism and race/SES. Which I am pretty sure organic produce is mostly consumed by the higher SES white group at a much higher rate.