Monday, August 18, 2014

If you are looking for an alternative to using good ol' Excel and SPSS to create graphs and charts, perhaps you students would like to create infographics via a free, online resource.

One such tool is Piktochart. It requires registration (via email, Facebook, or Google). It has many free templates as well as a "pro" pay to play package. Below are a few screen grabs of what it is like to personalize one of their templates with your own data. Below, I input a bit of user data from this blog into a pre-existing template.

Piktochart template

User interface for entering your own data (if you can use Excel, you can use this)

End result, with data from this blog
It is pretty easy to use, they have multiple different kinds of figures (from good old pie charts and bar graphs to visualizations that stray far from the APA style manual but still do a good job of conveying data to an audience).

This coming semester, I am adding a service learning component to my statistics lab class. We are collecting mental health awareness data from students for our university's counseling center. I am thinking that my students might use piktochart in order to create visually appealing ways to share their findings around campus.