Thursday, November 12, 2015

Come work with me.


I wanted to post a blog about a job opportunity that available in my department here at Gannon University. Currently, we are seeking a tenure-track assistant professor who specializes in clinical or counseling psychology and would be interested in teaching theories of personality, psychological assessment, and other specialty undergraduate courses.

Gannon is a true undergraduate institution. We teach a 4/4 course load, typically with two and sometimes three unique teaching preps.

I started at Gannon in 2009. In that time, I've received $1000s of dollar in internal grant funding to pursue my work in the scholarship of teaching. In addition to supporting the scholarship of teaching, Gannon provides internal support so that faculty can create global education opportunities as well as service learning opportunities for our students. For instance, one of my colleagues is currently writing a proposal for a History of Psychology class that would include an educational trip to Europe. Another colleague will be teaching his Psychology of Poverty class for the first time in the Spring. This class includes a requirement of 30 service learning hours spent at local not-for-profits that serve the poor in our community.

I've also been able to pursue more traditional research opportunities, and the expectations for such research are in line with a university that focuses so much on undergraduate education.

I would say that I and happy here, have a very good work/life balance (I am married with a toddler and another baby on the way), and fairly compensated for my work. I really like the department that I work in and Gannon provides many leadership and committee opportunities that further enhance my work life.

Erie, PA, is either a small large town or a large small town (~100,000 people). It has most of the amenities that you could want (cool microbrewery scene, fun downtown, lots of outdoorsy fun as we're right on Lake Erie, mall, zoo) and the cost of living is very low. We're also ~two hours away from Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Cleveland, if you feel like getting out of town.

If you are interested in learning more about the position, click here.