Monday, September 22, 2014

Center for Open Science's FREE statistical & methodological consulting services

Center for Open Science (COS) is an organization that seeks "to increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility of scientific research". As a social psychologist, I am most familiar with COS as a repository for experimental data. However, COS also provides free consulting services as to teach scientists how to make their own research processes more replication-friendly

As scholars, we can certainly take advantage of these services. As instructors, the kind folks at COS are willing to provide workshops to our students (including, but not limited to, online workshops). Topics that they can cover include: Reproducible Research Practices, Power Analyses, The ‘New Statistics’, Cumulative Meta-analyses, and Using R to create reproducible code (or more information on scheduling, see their availability calendar).

I once heard it said that the way you learn how to conduct research and statistics in graduate school will be the way you are inclined to conduct research and statistics for the rest of your professional life. As such, why not introduce our students (both graduate and undergraduate) to an aspect of data collection and analysis that both cultivates ethical behavior and is a growing expectation for publication in our top journals?