Monday, September 29, 2014

Slate & Rojas-LeBouef's "Presenting and Communicating Your Statistical Findings: Model Writeups"

Holy smokes. This e-book (distributed for free via Open Stax) contains sample result sections for multiple statistical tests, which is helpful but not particularly unique. There are other resources for creating APA results sections (love U. Washington's resources) but I feel that this book is particularly useful in that:

1) It addresses how to include effect sizes in tests (most of the result section examples I have been able to find neglect this increasingly important aspect of data analysis).
2) The writers translate SPSS output into results sections.
3) The writers aren't psychologist but they are APA compliant (and even point out instances when their figures and tables aren't APA compliant).
4) It is gloriously free.

The only shortcoming is that they don't provide examples for more types of data analyses. The book does, however, cover chi-square, correlation, t-test, and ANOVA, so most of what is covered in introductory statistics courses.

I think this book provides good examples to those of us to teach statistics and are starting to integrate more of the "new statistics" into our teaching. I think this would also be a great resource that is accessible enough for intro students but I bet that graduate students could make use of this book as well.