Monday, June 8, 2015

A request from the blogger

I am going up for both Rank and Tenure this fall.

Within my applications for both, I will argue that this blog constitutes service to my profession.

I have evidence of this: The blog has 50,000+ page views from 115 countries. I have 271 Twitter followers. So, I can successfully argue that someone other than my dad is reading the blog (Hi, Dad!).

However, I think that more compelling evidence of service to my profession would come in the form of brief testimonials from its readers. If you have a few free moments, please consider writing a brief email that describes, maybe, your favorite blog post, why you enjoy this blog, how you think this blog contributes to the teaching of statistics and research methods, or mention a specific blog post or two that you've integrated into your own class. Do you students seem to enjoy any of the materials I've shared here? Have you recommended the blog to peers? You get the idea.

Think you can help me out? If so, please shoot me an email to You will be rewarded in...Rank and Tenure karma? My gratitude? Definitely my gratitude.

Thanks for reading,