Monday, August 10, 2015

Kristopher Magnusson's "Understanding the t-distribution and its normal approximation"

Once again, Kristopher Magnusson has combined is computer programming and statistical knowledge to help illustrate statistical concepts. His latest interactive tool allows students to view the t-curve for different degrees for freedom. Additionally, students can view error rates associated with different degrees of freedom.

Note that the critical region is one-tailed with alpha set at .05. If you cursor around the critical region, you can set the alpha to .025 to better illustrate a two-tailed test (in terms of the critical region at which we declare significance). 

Error rates when n < 30

Error rates when n > 30

This isn't the first time Kristopher's interactive tools have been featured on this blog! He has also created websites dedicated to explaining effect size, correlation, and other statistical concepts.