Monday, May 30, 2016

Hackathorn, Ashdown, & Rife's "Statistics that Stick: Embedding Humor in Statistics Related Teaching Materials"

Hackathorn, Ashdown, & Rife just shared some great resources for using humor to teach statistics. 
In their own words, "This resource consists of a 21-page word document that reviews literature on the use of humor in teaching, describes an instrument for assessing the use of classroom humor, and offers tips on using two additional resource features specific to teaching statistics: (a) 42 visual jokes and cartoons, organized by 12 statistical topics, and (b) 12 slide presentations."

You guys. It is a collection of hilarious jokes and memes to use when teaching. As well as some scholarly work about using humor to teach. Here is a link that will download the .zip file to your computer. Here is a link to STP's Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology's Teaching Resources. Scroll on down to the Statistics, Research, and Teaching header to find this resource.

A few samples of the cartoons they included: