Monday, February 13, 2017

NY Magazine's "Finally, Here’s the Truth About Double Dipping"

Yes, it includes the Seinfeld clip about George double dipping.

The video provides a brief example of how to go about testing a research hypothesis by operationalizing a hypothesis, collecting, and analyzing data. Here, the abstract question is about how dirty it is to double dip. And they operationalized this question:

Research design: The researchers used a design that, conceptually, demonstrates ANOVA logic (the original article contains an ANOVA, the video itself makes no mention of ANOVA). The factor is "Dips" and there are three levels of the factor:

Before they double dipped, they took a base-line bacterial reading of each dip. Good science, that.
They display the findings in table form (again, no actual ANOVA). 

I am totally horrified by this salsa data.

However...the acidity of the salsa seems to help out in terms of killing bacteria after two hours. So, dig into that bowl of salsa two hours after your last guests go home? Still ew.

Because of the re-testing, using 1) baseline, 2) Time 1, and 3) Time 2, this now becomes a good example of a repeated measures ANOVA.

How to use in class:

1) How do we go from a research question to research?
3) Repeated measure design