Thursday, February 2, 2017

Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Map

The Southern Poverty Law Center has used mapping software in order to illustrate the location of different hate groups in the US.

How to use in class:

I think this demonstrates how good old descriptive data collection plays a valuable roll in law enforcement, social justice, etc.

I think this demonstrates why well-visualized data may be a more compelling way of sharing information than data in tables.

Another way to use this is for your students to create a methods section based upon the data collection information provided on the website:

You can make the data more personalized for your class by digging down to state-wide data.

In addition to the maps, the website includes various other descriptive data quantifying different hate groups in the US.

I used this in class along with  other examples of how data can be mixed with maps in order to provide information on regions/states.

This could also be used in a Social Psychology class in order to illustrate the presence of organized, deliberate prejudice in our society.