Monday, March 31, 2014's Standard Normal Distribution Table

Now, I am immediately suspicious of a website entitled "MathIsFun" (I prefer the soft promising teaching aids for statistics that are, say, not awful and boring).

That being said, this app. from may be an alternative to going cross-eyed while reading z-tables in order to better understand the normal distribution.

With this little Flash app., you can select z-scores and immediately view the corresponding portion of the normal curve (either from z = 0 to your z, up to a selected z, or to the right of that z). Above, I've selected z = 1.96, and the outlying 2.5% of the curve is highlighted. 

Now, this wouldn't work for a paper and pencil exam (so you would probably still need to teach students to read the paper table) but I think this is useful in that it allows students to IMMEDIATELY see how z-scores and portions of the of the curve co-vary.